Board and Activity Coordinators

Below, please find a current list of our Board Members and Activity Coordinators. If you have a question regarding a particular event, issue or activity, please feel free to contact the person associated with your question. If you are unsure as to whom to contact, drop an email to Judy Gessford and she’ll make sure the information is directed to the correct person.

President Judy Gessford
Membership, Vice President Evie Stern
Secretary Genie Wilmarth
Treasurer Carrie Houghton
Activities Barbara Huggins
Civic Concerns Marilyn Iezzi
Event Planner Open
Event Planner Open
Newsletter Editor Open
Nominating Alice Sawyer
Publicity Open
Webmaster Evie Stern
Past President Toni Robinson
Activity Coordinators
Go to the Activities page for detailed descriptions.
Afternoon Aperitifs  
     Co-Coordinator Judy Gessford
     Co-Coordinator Carrie Houghton
     Co-Coordinator Barbara Huggins
Book Discussion – Day Jane Fox
Book Discussion – Evening Shari Cassutt
     Co-Coordinator Patti Cummings
Bridge – Daytime Jane Fox
Bridge – Couple’s Patty Howland
Bunko – Day Arlene Zappile
Bunko – Evening Open
Cookbook Club Shari Cassutt
Dining Out Theresa Awad Roe
     Co-Coordinator Katherine Estell
Discover New England  
     Co-Coordinator Sandee Fleet
     Co-Coordinator Sally Hyman
     Co-Coordinator Isabelle Brienza
     Co-Coordinator Genie Wilmarth
Lunch Bunch Toni Robinson
      Co-Coordinator Sue Burnet
Mah Jongg – Day Alice Sawyer
Mah Jongg – Evening Jennifer Halbert
      Co-Coordinator Nancy Malley
Needlework Carrie Houghton
Paddle Tennis – Couple’s Camilla Thompson
Paddle Tennis – Ladies’ Carolyn Brand
Pickleball Rita King
Pinochle – Daytime Jane Fox
Pinochle – Evening Open
Pop Ups Shari Cassutt
Single Women Toni Robinson
    Co-Coordinator Sue Burnet
Walking Group Open
Wine & Women Sarah Nanzig
    Co-Coordinator Barbara Huggins