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Please Note:

Although September is usually the time we hold our big membership drive at the library, we all know that this year is far from ‘usual’.  Due to COVID-19, our activities were put on hold until it has been determined that it is safe to do so.  When the current board members met recently to determine how to proceed for the 2020-2021 calendar year, the following decisions were made:

1. Dues – Dues will not be collected at this time.  When it is safe to resume activities, members will be asked to pay prorated dues.  (Hopefully January or February)

2. Current Member Status – All current members will remain on our membership list unless you notify our Membership officer, Evie Stern, at

3. Membership Drive – There will not be a membership drive (even online) until we have a green light that activities can resume.

A question you may have:  

If I wish to join Simsbury Newcomers & Neighbors, will I have to wait to sign up as a member?

The answer is ‘no’.  In keeping with the spirit of our tag line ‘Join Whenever. Make Friends Forever’, if you wish to register as a member we will gladly accept your membership information.  You can use the link below to print the membership form and mail it in.  However, we won’t ask you to pay dues at the time of registration.  This way you will be on our mailing list for all further communication.

We hope you are staying safe and enjoying your summer.  We are fortunate to live in the valley with so many open walking, biking and hiking areas. And we all know this current situation will not last forever and we look forward to the time when we can resume our activities.



Simsbury Newcomers & Neighbors Board

Being a member of the Simsbury Newcomers & Neighbors entitles you to:

  • A copy of the monthly newsletter by e-mail
  • One hardcopy of the directory and access to a members only online directory
  • Full access to a wide variety of activities

Encourage your friends to join Simsbury Newcomers & Neighbors. You don’t have to be “new” or reside in Simsbury to join! We welcome everyone who wants to meet new people.  We have a diverse list of activities; join one or several!

Membership is from September 1st to August 31st of each year.  Dues are $25 for the membership year if payment is made by check or cash. We are now offering the convenience of online payment using PayPal. You will avoid the cost of writing a check, and will save an envelope and a stamp. The online membership fee is $26 as the club is charged a processing fee.

The Membership Form provides information for the Newcomers’ directory. The directory is for the exclusive use of Simsbury Newcomers & Neighbors members and cannot be used for solicitation. A hardcopy directory is printed and mailed in November to all members who join or renew by October 15th and extra copies are available for purchase. All members joining after October 15th will receive a hardcopy directory but will not be included in it. A new quick list including all members will be issued periodically and will be available upon request. The online directory is always up to date and is accessible on our password protected Members page of the website.

Please note: If you are on the board, or are a coordinator of one of our activities, your name and email address and will appear on our website. Also, because the website has a current calendar of activities posted, if you are hosting an activity your name, address and telephone number may appear. If you do NOT want that information posted on the website, please let the activity coordinator know when you agree to host the activity.

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